We are looking for Partners worldwide!

If you are an AGENT, DISTRIBUTOR, WHOLESALER we want to hear
from you! 

Pockos RPL is based in Warwickshire, the beautiful home of Shakespeare, and opened its doors in 1983 serving the UK and Europe whilst Pockos America Inc is based in Florida and started out in Detroit in 2008 serving both North and South America. 
Pockos offer and services are the great range of Pockos novelty toys to retailers through the UK and Americas utilising our famous in-store TV media concept. We are looking for agents, distributors and wholesalers covering each state or geographical area.    
If you wish to stock Pockos product and don't know if there is already an agent in your country or area then simply email our sales team on sales@pockos.co.uk and we can advise you or discuss you becoming a partner if you wish.
Volume purchasing and shipping direct to you ensures you receive the best prices on the market.